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Public Mobile Phone Charging Station

6 Digital Lockers  

Rent, Lease or Purchase a Charging Station

Renting charging station is the perfect addition to conferences, trade shows, concerts, special events and more. Purchase and leasing options are also available for permanent placement in locations such as hospitals, universities, arenas and corporations. 

Advertising Player

Charging stations provide a 19 inch LCD advertising player. Customers are able to study menus, beverage list, or watch different kinds of advertisement while users are charging their phones or tablets. 

Keep Customers Happy

Give your customers the power to stay connected to their friends, their work and your brand. A fully charged battery provides a much-needed service and can turn a stressful situation into a positive customer experience, and guest satisfaction.

-- 6 Secured lockers allow you to charge 6 cell phones at the same time

-- Offers various charge plugs for all smart cell phones in market

-- LED light inside lockers for both illuminating and decoration, green light stands for empty locker, red light stands for occupied locker

-- 19 inch LCD Advertising Player

Supports various video format

-- Photo Slide Show  

-- 7in touch screen for operation

-- Steel metal body, solid structure

-- It can detect if cell phone is connected before walking away

-- Support quick charge 2.0

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